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Maine & much more happening Along The Shores!

So much is happening at Along The Shores!

Some of our creations are now being carried on the historic waterfront in downtown Bangor Maine.

At an outdoor event in Durand MI, we tried out our social distancing changes and some new items created for Merfest which quickly sold out!

We also headed 'Up North' and installed in a Michigan art gallery (more info to follow)!

In the studio, we are focused on creating & counting down to International Merfest in South Haven, less than a month away...lots more than the hand-painted wine glasses pictured also available on our sites (see below).

This weekend, we are at an event on Lake Erie near some of our favorite beach glass locations - watch for our live posts!

Please join us as we wander: Website: www.alongtheshoresllc AlongTheShores AlongTheShores Snapchat: alongtheshores YouTube:alongtheshores Wix app code: HODH49

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