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Kaleva Art Gallery, Great Lakes and Wandering Along The Shores Live from Lake Erie!

We are excited to announce that Kaleva Art Gallery (Michigan) now carries our work!

The last few weeks we have been on a tour of the Great Lakes - From Lake Erie to Lake Michigan and back again for different gallery installations, restocks and shows.

As we head back to Lake Erie for the next couple weekends (you can find us at Geneva On The Lake, OH): we are going to try a couple live facebook vlogs on the Fridays and Saturdays. We often visit beach glass beaches as we wander and have been asked repeatedly "where did you find that?" and "which beaches have beach glass?" - so we are taking you along this trip! If you miss our live segments, we will be posting them on our YouTube channel and website. Our social media channels are listed below - please follow us.

Have a favorite beach glass beach you think we should visit? - please let us know! Looking forward to seeing you Along The Shores alongtheshoresllc

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